Acoustical Oceanography

Acoustical oceanography is the science of inferring oceanic properties (physical, biological, geological, chemical etc.) from acoustic measurements. The field is motivated by the poor propagation of electromagnetic waves in water which renders many terrestrial measurement techniques (optical, radar, microwave etc.) inadequate for oceanic measurements. The field is complicated by the large scale of the ocean, the wide range of physical and biological noise sources present and by the complexity of sound propagation in a dynamic and inhomogeneous medium.

The Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee Open Meeting is typically held at every ASA meeting on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

For more information, visit the Acoustical Oceanography TC website!

Matt Zeh

Matt Zeh

University of Texas at Austin

Matt is the current ASA Student Council Rep for Acoustical Oceanography. His work focuses on the acoustic environment of glacierized fjords with a specific interest in the contributions made by the release of bubbles from compressed air within glacier ice. To learn about him and the rest of the Student Council, visit the Student Council Page.