SONIC Program

Student Outreach for Networking and Integrating Colleagues


The ASA student council is proud to announce a new mentorship program that we hope will benefit current and future ASA student members.  The Student Outreach for Networking and Integrating Colleagues (SONIC) program is intended to help new student members at ASA conferences connect with more experienced students who have similar research interests. The SONIC program is an informal mentorship opportunity where we match first-time student attendees with veteran student members who are eager to share their experiences and guidance.

All of us have been in the same position, where it’s our first time at a conference and there is so much going on that we don’t know where to begin or who to talk to.  In the SONIC program, new student members get an opportunity to ask questions about the ASA conferences and acoustical society as a whole, connect with their academic and professional peers, and immediately get a more comprehensive and engaging ASA experience.

The primary goal of the SONIC program is to have mentors and mentees meet initially at the conference, but there are no requirements beyond this and the program is intentionally open ended.  You can choose how and when to meet so that it works around your schedules, and the SONIC program is completely voluntary at all times. That being said, our hope is that student participants can begin forming professional connections with colleagues and develop friendships that extend into their careers.  Additional resources for helping cultivate a productive and meaningful mentorship can be found in the “Instruction and Guidance” section.

If you are an ASA student member who has been to ASA multiple times, consider volunteering as a SONIC program mentor. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the ASA society in a meaningful way and give something back to the next group of students following in your footsteps. Your help could completely change someone’s first-time experience at an ASA conference.