A number of ASA Technical Committees offer Best Paper Awards to students and early career members who present at ASA meetings. More information about these awards can be found on the ASA website’s Funding Sources page. Below, the results of the Best Paper Awards for each Technical Committee that participated at the 2020 Acoustics Virtually Everywhere meeting are listed:



Acoustical Oceanography

4aAO4: A convolutional neural network applied to Arctic acoustic recordings to identify soundscape components

Malek Ibrahim

1aAOb1: Acoustic scattering from cylinders for aquaculture applications

Miad Al Mursaline

1aAOb3: Broadband scattering from mesopelagic jellyfish

Rachel E. Kahn


Architectural Acoustics

5aAAa2: Synthesis of Immersive Virtual Soundscapes 

Mincong Huang

5pAAb: Design of efficient low-frequency sound absorbers using an array of Helmholtz Resonators 

Vidhya Rajendran

Biomedical Acoustics

5aBAb3: Therapeutic effects of ultrasound on dermal wound healing in diabetic mice.

Melinda A. Vander Horst

5pBAa1: Effect of sonication parameters on the efficacy of focused ultrasound and microbubble-mediated blood-spinal cord barrier opening using short-burst, phase keying exposures

Stecia-Marie P. Fletcher

3aBAa3: Fractional derivative group shear wave speeds for model-based viscoelastic characterization

Courtney A. Trutna

Computational Acoustics


Ray Tracing for efficient simulation of curved sound propagation paths: Towards real-time auralization of aircraft noise

Philipp Schäfer


3pCA2: Investigation of optimization techniques on structural-acoustical shaped concrete slabs in buildings

Jonathan Broyles

4pCAa2: Modeling Infrasound Propagation from Tornado Producing Storms

Trevor Wilson

Musical Acoustics

3aMU2: Two Methods for Acoustic Modeling of the Saxophone Mouthpiece

Song Wang

3pMUb2: Noninvasive methods for quantifying sound post placement in a cello

Eric Rokni

Physical Acoustics

3aPAa2: Application of a dual stage exhaust system using expansion chambers for Formula SAE

Yuval Philipson

1pPAc1: Time-domain simulation of acoustic wave scattering and internal propagation from gas bubbles of various shapes

Jia Cheng Hou

1aPAa4: Adaptive model-based control of boundary impedance in an acoustic impedance tube

Yoav Vered


Speech Communication

1pSCc10: Parametrically varying speech adapter length suggests two mechanisms for talker adaptation            

Ja Young Choi   

3pSCb7: Insights into rapid adaptation to Spanish-accented English words in younger and older adults            

Rebecca Bieber


Structural Acoustics and Vibration

2pSAb4: Three-dimensional periodic multifunctional lattice materials for simultaneous vibration isolation and heat conduction

Ganesh Umesh Patil

1pSAb3: Passively achieving mode coalescence in acoustic waveguides with simple resonators

Matthew Kelsten