Introduction from the Student Council Chair


For those who I haven’t met in person, my name is Kieren Smith and I am the current chair of the Acoustical Society of America Student Council. We on the council wanted to reach out about ASA student events and, in particular, the upcoming conference in San Diego next week. Here is a brief summary of the highlights:

  • We are launching a mentorship program to help new students get a little extra help navigating the conference experience. We are looking for people like you who have some experience at conferences to mentor new students if you will be in San Diego. Details and sign-up information can be found below.
  • If you are presenting at ASA San Diego, start preparing your POMA article (details below). It is a great opportunity to get experience publishing.
  • Available on the meeting webpage are a student guide and a brochure that will help you learn about key events relevant to students at the conference. There are social events, student-centered technical sessions, and more.

Even if we won’t see you in San Diego, keep in touch and we hope to see you in the future! Keep updated by checking the ASA Students Website, which links to our social media as well. Please feel free to contact me or the representative from your technical council (contact info in the attachments) if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!


More Information



We are very excited to announce and jump start a trial run of a mentorship program for new students. We are looking for current veteran student members of ASA who have been to at least one ASA meeting to serve as welcoming guides for first-time student attendees at the 178th meeting in San Diego.

As a veteran student, you likely have a lot of experience orienting yourself in the large conference and engaging actively with the ASA community. Here is an opportunity to share your tips! This is also an opportunity to meet your peers and build professional connections that could last a lifetime! We expect volunteer mentors to be attending the ASA meeting in San Diego, to be available to meet new students, and to act professionally as representatives of the ASA student community.

We will provide guidance to volunteer mentors for how they can best help new students acclimate and engage in the conference. At a minimum this will involve meeting a new student on the first or second day near the registration booths or during coffee breaks. We will work with the schedules of mentors and mentees to help coordinate a meeting time and location. Participation could extend to shadowing or lunches, but is ultimately up to the discretion and interest of both mentors and mentees.

Participants will be expected to adhere to our code of conduct and are expected to faithfully represent the ethical values of the Acoustical Society of America. Total participation will depend on interest and availability of participants.

If you are interested in volunteering to potentially meet and mentor new student attendees, please fill out the google survey provided in this link.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Mark Langhirt at We greatly thank you for your consideration, and your contribution to the student community of ASA!


If you are presenting research at the upcoming ASA meeting, you have a great opportunity to publish your research in the ASA’s Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA). To submit your research, prepare a suitable version in pdf format, which you can then submit before or after the conference. Click here for information regarding POMA and feel free to email the editorial office at or the associate editor corresponding to your technical area with questions. Email addresses for associate editors can be found here. Finally, keep up to date on recent publications by following POMA on Twitter @ASA_POMA!


See the meeting webpage for details on the student events. In particular, note that the Student Council is hosting a Student Grants and Fellowships Panel at ASA San Diego. Attendees will learn from a diverse panel composed of successful grant applicants, experienced PIs, and members of funding agencies about major fellowship and grant opportunities for graduate students (e.g., NDSEG, GRFP) and about about how to navigate the funding landscape.

There will also be a session introducing the technical committees and is great for anyone new to ASA or those looking to get an overview of current research in each topic.