The purpose of the Technical Committee on Noise is to increase and diffuse knowledge of noise generation and propagation, passive and active noise control, and the effects of noise. Activities of the Committee embrace the practical and theoretical aspects of noise, in its broadest definition, in all areas of acoustics. Specific interests include the following and similar topics: sound sources, source mechanisms, propagation, perception, prediction, measurement, evaluation, analysis, effects, regulation, mitigation, and legal aspects of noise.

The Technical Committee on Noise Open Meeting is typically held at every ASA meeting on Thursday at 7:30 pm.

For more information, visit the TC Noise website!

Kieren Smith

Kieren Smith

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kieren is the current ASA Student Council Rep for Noise. Kieren researches the time-varying relationships between acoustic and other indoor comfort parameters in K-12 classrooms. To learn more about her and the rest of the student council, visit the Student Council Page.