We invite you to join us for a Virtual Coffee Break, an informal gathering for ASA students to meet and visit with each other virtually, hosted by a rotating selection of two of your ASA Student Council members. Each one-hour hang-out will have a discussion topic to help break the ice (pet show-and-tell anyone?!?). But you can come with any topic in mind, or just sit back and sip your favorite break-time beverage while engaging with your new friends.

The second Virtual Coffee Break will be on Tuesday, May 4th at 1:00 PM EST hosted by Zane Rusk (Engineering Acoustics) and Mark Rau (Musical Acoustics), and the ice breaker discussion topic will be: How did you originally get interested in acoustics?

The zoom meeting ID and password will be sent in an ASA e-mail, but if you did not receive the e-mail, just message us at asastudentcouncil@gmail.com and we will share the info.

If you are interested in joining us for this or any of our upcoming Virtual Coffee Breaks, please follow us on one of our social media platforms as the Zoom link, date and time, discussion topic, and who your Student Council member hosts are for all upcoming sessions will be announced there!